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Pure quality,
pure innovation: Pure Steel+

Pure quality, pure innovation: Pure Steel+

„Pure” stands for the high quality of our steel, which is already helping advance the energy and mobility transition. “Pure” also stands for the dedication and efforts of our employees, whose strong commitment is making the transformation process possible, and for their pride in being part of this important project. We are marking our carbon-reduced steel with the plus sign. To ensure that our customers around the world can immediately recognize the added value of our steel innovations, we are affixing it directly to our products.

International and innovative

Steel from Dillinger and Saarstahl is known all over the world, from New York to Tokyo. It can be found in impressive buildings like the headquarters of the French daily newspaper “Le Monde” in Paris, in London’s tallest building, the “Twentytwo,” in safe tracks for Europe’s high-speed trains, and in the majority of cars in Europe. That’s why we have given our path to carbon-neutral steel production an international name: “Pure Steel+”. Why “Pure”?

  • Because of the pure competence for quality steel. You’ll find our steel where quality counts – from power plants, machinery and ships to cars and aerospace.
  • Because of the pure future that our products are already creating today – in offshore wind turbines, in solar power plants, in railroad tracks, and in electric cars. We are already helping advance the energy and transport transition today.
  • Because of our pure commitment to environmental and climate protection: We’ve already invested over EUR 700 million for this in recent years – on average, we’ve spent around ten percent of our capital expenditure on measures for our environment and for energy efficiency. Investment of around EUR 3.5 billion euros is now planned – depending on public funding – in the climate-friendly conversion of our production. Carbon-neutrality by 2045 is our goal.
  • Because of the pure innovation associated with the enormous technological change. This challenge can only be met with superior know-how, state-of-the-art equipment, and intensive research and development work.
  • Because of the pure tradition in our centuries of strong bonds with Saarland. We are consciously investing in our Saarland plants to secure local sites and jobs and to make them fit for the future.